What Do I Love Most About Belize?

First of all… take a minute and guess what you think might be the best part of spending a winter in beautiful Belize. Some might think it is the sunny, warm days, the Caribbean Sea with its many shades of blue, and the endless warm days and nights. Dropping by the Maya Beach Bistro for a mango margarita with my two lovely daughters when they come to visit, is definitely a favourite. But no…. it’s not the best part.


Then there are the amazing number of activities one can do any day of the week. Sailing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, reading, snorkelling, or the best part, slowing down and just enjoying the present moment. Visitors from the north are notorious for multi-tasking and keeping busy, and I am no stranger to that. Measuring the success of a day by the number of things I ‘get done’ has always been my mile marker. Living in Belize has given me permission to slow down, plan less and enjoy the small stuff.


The small stuff. Like the birds, the amazing flowers, the moon rising over the ocean, and the glorious sunsets. Or the great books I am finally getting around to reading. Or Happy Hour at the Barefoot Bar, smoothies at the Shak and of course, Tutti Frutti gelato here in Placencia. Yes… those are definitely things I have grown to love here on the Placencia Peninsula.

But what else makes life in Belize so special? Getting to the vegetable store when all the fresh fruit and veggies have just arrived? Going out for dinner for a delicious meal at Dawn’s Grill and Go and being served by lovely Jolie? Getting out walking on the beautiful beaches and sitting down at dusk with a beer and my sweetie and enjoying the moment? Yup…. these things all happen often here, but surprisingly, they are not at the top of my list.


Have you guessed it yet? It’s the people. It’s always the people that make a place special. The local Belizeans are warm and friendly and smile and say hello whenever I pass them. Almost everyone I pass, looks me in the eye and greets me warmly. It is a safe place for children to play outside, and none of them are wearing ear buds, or are addicted to their smart phones.

As is universally true, when one is a guest in a home or a country, respect for one’s hosts is what opens doors and smiles. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to call Placencia ‘home’ for a little while in my life.