Food Shopping In Belize

Amik Kil Ha’ - Maya Beach, Belize

You are thinking of visiting Belize. You are thinking of moving to Belize! What can I get to eat you ask!? What do the locals eat? Can I get some ‘comfort’ foods from ‘back home’? What are the prices like? Is the food fresh and available??


All very important questions! First let’s start with location. As you know, ‘location, location, location’ is a factor in many things! Like other Central American countries, there are vast differences between services depending on where you are. Corozol, San Ignacio, San Pedro, Placencia and Caye Caulker are all very favored spots for visitors and ex-pats in Belize, and just as you might expect, there are more and more foods that appeal to the palate of these Belize-loving people in these locations. Here is a little video of a stroll down a food aisle in Placencia. Prices for imported items are, as you can imagine, much more than for local foods. But….if you want Oreos or feta cheese, they’re available!



What about GMO? Organic? Fresh? Affordable? A large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can be found throughout Belize. Going along with the theory of supply and demand, the closer you are to centres where there is a demand for a greater variety, the more likely you will be able to find it. There are at least four fabulous fresh fruit and vegetable markets offering a huge variety of food in Placencia. From cauliflower, broccoli, peaches and apples to bok choy, avocados, zucchini, tomatoes and mangoes, these markets are reasonably priced, busy and fresh and open long hours and most days. The owners are hard working people finding fabulous food for their consumers. Prices vary depending on distance traveled and availability. Organic foods are starting to happen more and more in Belize and the Farm House Deli in Belmopan has bringing a market to Placencia with lots of fabulous foods including cheeses, breads and organic vegetables from their FARMacy at Barton Creek. It is my understanding that GMO is still banned from being used in Placencia but there may be GMO in products being imported into the country like in the states and Canada. There are more and more options for food happening as the demand increases. A wonderful new ‘health food’ store in Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula, called Healthy Addictions and owned by Anita Lowen, is bringing in all kinds of foods that people are wanting. Check out the shelves! Due to the large import costs into Belize, these foods are not cheap, but they are available! We bought a heavy duty industrial strength orange juicer last winter and enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice every morning for dimes! It is amazing! Last but not least, when you feel like going out for a quick, healthy, tasty and very affordable Belizean take-out lunch or dinner, this is the best! The very accessible Rice ’n Beans, cole slaw and BBQ Chicken!!!